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Hair Care Tips

Straight/Body Wave Hair Care Tips:

-Comb your hair from the ends up to prevent shedding and breakage.
-Always use a head protectant when flat ironing the hair to prevent heat damage.
-Avoid using heavy oils and styling products to avoid buildup.
-Apply a light oil mist to add more sheen.
-Wash hair once a week with a Sulfate/Paraban free shampoo. We highly recommend using Biosilk shampoo and conditioner.
- When applying conditioner, please comb through with a wide tooth comb, starting with the ends working your way up to the scalp.
-Make sure hair is completely dry before going to bed. Sleeping with wet hair will cause your hair to be matted. 
-Apply Flexirods at night to maintain the body wave texture and use a silk/satin bonnet or pillow case.




Deep Wave Hair Care Tips:

-EVERY night, braid your extensions in 2-4 pigtails and sleep with a satin/silk bonnet to prevent hair from getting tangled.

-EVERY morning, wet your deep wave hair to detangle it. Detangling your hair while it is dry can cause breakage, shedding, and loss of hair.

-Comb your hair from the ends up to prevent shedding and breakage.

-Use a leave in conditioner/water mix to help keep your waves moisturized.

-Use a DAILY curling cream with water to help with moisture and to prevent shedding/tangling/interlocking of the waves.

-Wash your hair once a week with cool/lukewarm water once to prevent buildup. Washing hair with hot water will loosen the wave pattern.


Closure/Frontal Hair Care Tips:

-Please be very careful when caring for your closures or frontals. These pieces are very delicate and require very special handling. In other words, care for your closures/frontals as you would baby hairs.

-Delicacy will prevent “balding” from occurring. Balding is described as hair strands removed from closure/frontal, thus creating a bald spot.

-Do not tug, scratch or heavy-handle your investment. Always place one hand on the closure/frontal while combing with the opposite hand to decrease tension to the piece.

-When washing your piece, use gentle strokes when shampooing and conditioner (conditioner only washes are preferred).

-Next gently comb from bottom to top and allow to air dry.

-Do NOT place any products directly on the closure/frontal.